Out Helping Solutions

Magazine designed for executives who have been relocated, with the objective of smoothing this transition and making it more enjoyable.

During Summer 2013 I did the translation of the magazine Live&Enjoy Querétaro, produced by Out Helping Solutions, from Spanish to English.

Magazine cover

Extract of one of his sections.

And what the client thinks of my work...

Jorge se encargó de escribir la versión en inglés del primer número de Live & Enjoy Querétaro.
En el tiempo que Jorge colaboró con la publicación, no solo nos hizo llegar sus entregas muy limpias y a tiempo, sino que apoyó en la edición con ideas frescas que permitieron hacer mejoras a los textos, tanto en español como en inglés. Jorge demostró ser comprometido con las tareas que se le asignaron; además, su franqueza en todo momento fue un extra para mantener una buena relación profesional.
Recomiendo a Jorge para hacer traducciones porque cuenta con los conocimientos, es responsable en su trabajo y de trato muy fácil.

Jorge was responsible for writing the English version of the first edition of Live & Enjoy Querétaro.
In the time that Jorge collaborated with the publication, he didn't just deliver his translations in a clean and timely fashion, he also helped the edition with fresh ideas that allowed us to improve the texts, both in Spanish and English. Jorge proved to be committed to the tasks asigned to him. Besides this, his honesty during the whole project was a plus that helped keep a good working relationship.
I recommend Jorge for any translation because he has the knowledge, is responsible with his work and is very easy to work with.

Iliana Juárez Perete

Live&Enjoy Querétaro Editor