An online fashion outlet leader in Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico. Organizes sales of top brands with significant discounts.

I started my adventure at Privalia on January 2010. Since then I've come from intern to creating and managing the content for 4 countries on 8 platforms.

These are some of my daily responsabilities:

These are a couple of examples:

Privalia's Website

Main home page for web.

iOS Mobile App

View of the login and registration page of the iPhone app.

Android Mobile App

View of the purchase confirmation screen on an Android device.

Brands in action

Marketing and PR campaign in favour of UNICEF. It consisted in gathering executives from the main brands that Privalia works with, Privalia's executives, journalists and FC Barcelona ex football players in a football tournament. For each goal scored, Privalia made a donation to UNICEF.


Social media campaign to raise awareness on the MUNICH brand sale and increase its revenue on the web.

If you want to see more examples, take a look at Privalia's website or download the app.

And what my boss thinks of my work...

Trabajar con Jorge es como poder ir a casa a comer cada medio día, ¡un lujo!
Es responsable y cumple con los deadlines sin necesidad de supervisión; es autónomo y detallista y no pierde de vista el foco u objetivo de cada proyecto. Siempre está dispuesto a colaborar y es buen compañero. ¡Ojalá coincidamos en otros lugares!

Working with Jorge is like being able to go home for lunch on a working day, a luxury!
He's responsible and meets deadlines without supervision; he's autonomous, with attention to detail and doesn't lose sight of each project's goal. Jorge is always open to collaboration and is a good workmate. I hope we meet again in other places!

Iraide Roldán

Content manager at Privalia
Direct supervisor

Jorge is an easy going guy, smart and competent professional. He creates a pleasant atmosphere for the work team and you can completely trust his skills and responsibility.
If you need something, he's always willing to find the best solution! He really can be the right person to help you reach goals.

Débora Graner

Copywriter for Brazil at Privalia, current Content Manager at SalveSport.