The art of writing in a clear and persuasive way.How about that!

Write drunk;
edit sober.
Ernest Hemingway

Pela cachaça de graça que a gente tem que engolir.
Chico Buarque

Jo n'he vist un moix,
dalt d'una teulada.
Mallorquí popular culture


Hi. I'm Jorge Aboytes, a copywriter and translator specialized in platform content.
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Copywriting and content analysis

I have over 6 years producing creative content for web and apps, focusing on branding, user experience and business objectives.

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Spanish, English, Portuguese and Catalan. I've translated and managed translations for the International Trade Centre, Privalia and Helsinki's Brief Therapy Institute among others.

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Websites! - New

"Coders are the new rockstars."
Words of Will I Am in the intro video for Codecademy. Since then I've learned to code, create and manage websites using HTML, CSS, WordPress and other CMSs.

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In 50 words

Jorge Aboytes

Jorge Aboytes

I am a freelance copywriter and translator specialized in web content. Lately I'm all about User Experience and Front-End development, I love it and have already done a couple of projects. I'm based in sunny Barcelona and love films, music and books.

Work principles

  1. 1. "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

    Hunter S. Thompson

    First of all you must know that, when you start working on a project, you're taking the ride. You are deciding to spend your time and energy on it. So you've got to be sure that you believe in it, that you will have the time to work on it properly and that you will be willing to go the extra mile if necessary. If you don't, well, just don't buy the ticket.

  2. 2. "Write drunk; edit sober."

    Ernest Hemingway

    Then you have to get drunk on the idea. You must know the topic, the audience and all the product details. Start writing all the content possibilities, where does the user come from? why? where is it going to? why? what do you want him to do? why? is someone else doing the same thing? how? why? Write all down.

  3. 3. "Think about it deeply. Then forget it.
    And an idea will jump up in your face."

    Don Draper

    Now take a break, empty your mind and start editing. Among all those possibilities there's one. One simple enough to define your product with one line. One persuasive enough to make that button become and actual call to action. You must find it. It won't be easy, but what if the next "just do it" is there, waiting for you.


In a connected world, an interesting project can come up from anywhere. I set no boundaries on industry, sector, region or size. I like working with startups, global reaching companies or international organizations indifferently as long as I fall for the idea.

What about you? Did you fall for your project?
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